The Life and Times of Mariel

24 Jan

Life these days consists mostly of working, looking for a second job and relief society-ing.  Since I am terrible at writing in a journal I am going to try to make this blog a little like a journal, just less specific and less embarrassing.  I guess I will start with the beginning of this semester.

I started this semester with a great job that I love.  The best part about working on campus on my off-track is seeing everyone else studying and stressing about school and knowing that I don’t have to worry about that for 4 whole months! Where my desk is situated in the i~comm/Scroll office a lot of people who walk by can see someone behind a desk and come ask questions.  So far this semester my favorite questions that I have been asked are:

“Where is room 179?”–yeah, that room does not actually exist in this building.

“My humanities class meets in the this building.  What room would that be in?”–As hard as I try I can’t really keep track of ever class that meets in our building

“Do you know where the nearest drinking fountain is?”

and my favorite

“Where are all the water color paintings in this building?”

Needless to say, it is always interesting.  So far work hasn’t been too busy even though we lost one the secretaries.  Now we are just waiting for the next big story of the semester.  Last semester the big story was the Crossroads (the school cafeteria) failed their Health Inspection.  Everyone was so excited about the story but sadly, the next week they passed and everyone was a little bummed.

In other news at work, my boss and coworker have started coming up with ways to make it so people stop asking me out at my desk. The ideas they have come up with so far are:

1. Stop curling my hair
2. Have “Don’t Mistake my Kindness for Flirting” framed and out on the desk
3. Buying a fake engagement ring
4. Making business cards that say “please ask me out when I am not at work” with my phone number
5. Have a sign up sheet out on the desk for dates
6. Put a stuffed cat on the desk

It really doesn’t happen very often but they love to give me a hard time about it.  I absolutely love where I work!

Life other than work really is not very interesting. I am looking for a second job which can be thoroughly depressing at times, but “if I keep working hard I will eventually find something”–thats what I keep telling myself.  I have been working out regularly and my body can definitely feel it.

I’ve been called to be Relief Society First Counselor in my new ward.  It is beginning to look as though I will always be in the relief society–which is totally fine with me.  The girls are amazing and I am so excited to get to know all of them better.  The bishop had me speak on our second sunday on my testimony.  It went really well except there were 4 speakers and a musical number. Oh yeah, and I was so nervous I didn’t have the sense to cut my talk down so I ended up taking more time than I probably should have. On a side note, my new bishops name is Bishop Ricks.  Now if that is not hilarious I don’t know what is!


It is also very cold here.


Warning: not be be used as a floatation device

3 Oct

Well I haven’t been on here in a while because, 1) I’m such a cool, busy college student and 2) the actual reason… I forgot my password and username.  I’d find that pretty sad…

So in the last few weeks a lot has gone on-

Classes are going well. I don’t feel like I’m completely drowning.  Hey I might even say that at the moment I’m floating on a little blow-up raft of naivety.  I keep thinking that it really should be harder than this.  I’m pretty sure my teachers are going to pop my raft soon.

I was called to be relief society president of relief society A for the BYUI 6th ward.  Its kind of the same feeling.  Maybe its just due to the fact that this weekend was general conference and I had no meetings.

Me and my buddies are trying to get involved.  A couple saturdays ago we went up to badger creek and “Got Connected–Outdoors”.  They give things odd names up here.

I’m going home this weekend to go to the Payson Temple ground breaking.  I’m so excited to see my family and hang out with my friends.  I need a little break from Rexburg even though I do love it.

So thats whats going on with me.  I’ll work on writing on here more often….

college life

14 Sep

well I am now on my third day of college and it still seems just a little crazy that i’m already here.  So far I haven’t had too many college experiences…. but I have had a ton of fun.  Last night Alisha, Haley and I went to the make-out garden (we did not make out!) and took some pretty sweet pictures. At one point we were taking a picture of us jumping from a wall when Alisha’s shoulder hit mine and I almost face planted.  We then walked in on a couple making out and didn’t realize it until we almost walked right past them… A lot of awkward giggling followed.  Then we watched a movie and Haley dripped Nutella on her shirt…. for the third time. It was a good night.

Note to Dad: I did all this after I studied for 5 hours. Hawk-sang!

A rose is a rose, a nose is a nose

30 Aug

I have now been sitting at my desk for 1.5 hours. There is a very odd smell. It isn’t my leather chair–I checked.  It isn’t the trash–I checked.  It may be the cricket around the corner from my desk–I haven’t checked because I don’t want his little antenna’s to go up my nose… also I’m just a little afraid of him. And it is not me–I even did the whole check-your-arm-pits-secretivly-so-as-to-not-look-like-a-loon–it really isn’t me. So, to whatever smells like BO at my desk… I will find you!  

Top 10

25 Aug








Top 10 Things To Do Before Leaving Utah (in no particular order)

  1. Visit both grandparents (and see cousins)
  2. Go to Lagoon
  3. Eat at Fat Jacks
  4. Hike the P
  5. Swim at the Mona Reservoir
  6. Have a bonfire with Sambo and Liz
  7. Hike the Grotto
  8. Eat at Tsing Tou
  9. Play settlers of Catan with the fam
  10. Hang out with friends and spend time with my family


16 Aug

Sunday night I was telling my dad about how I heard that at girls camp there had been alot of harmonizing going on as well as talk about which Disney prince is more attractive.  Now this sounds really stupid right? Thats exactly what I was thinking. It wasn’t until a little while later when I realized my dad and I had been talking about this same topic for about 5 minutes that I felt really, really stupid. But I did learned a lot from this conversation.

1. Flin Rider is the most attractive Disney prince

2. Most of the princes in Disney movies don’t even have names

3. Jessica Rabbit and the girl from Ratatouille are some or the most attractive animated female characters

4. For some reason, Jake Sully from avatar doesn’t count–or at least thats what my dad says.

In short, this conversation was like 4.5 minutes too long but it sure made me laugh. Oh the things that are talked about at the dinner table…. (:

Pool Rules

14 Aug

During the 4 summers I’ve worked at a pool I’ve realized that there are some pool rules that you’d think people would follow just because they are members of a society but they don’t. I don’t understand what brought the individual to break these very important rules but I would be very thankful if they would read these 5 Rules of the Pool and follow them.

1. If your bikini bottom cannot be seen below your stomach–you should wear a one piece

2. If you are prego please do not wear a bikini.  you can’t see your bottoms, how do you know we can? (refer back to number 1.)

3. tatoos don’t look good on anyone. i’m sorry but the dino holding a bone wasn’t cool when you got it and it still isn’t…. along the same lines, no one wants to see your tramp stamp and if you love that company so much buy a shirt.  i don’t understand the people who have tatoo’s of the billabong symbol.

4. your child who is 3 is not ready to swim on their own… a tan or your child?

5. don’t get drunk at the pool. As i learned from “Death in the Grand Canyon”–there is nothing more dangerous than a solo, male, drunk hiker who needs to use the bathroom. I think the same goes for the pool.

I love the people who come to the pool.  They make my job possible and interesting. But some days when i see people i can’t help but think” really?” Please, use some common sense. I don’t enjoy jumping in to save your child or telling you to cover up your awkward tatoo. I don’t think you should enjoy it either.